National Council of Science Museums
Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India

The Centre organizes various training programmes for students, some of which are :
  • Computer Training Programme.
  • Vacation Creative Science Workshops for students.
  • Aero-modelling Workshops.
  • Electronics Workshops.

Special Programmes For Students

Students' Science Seminar
As part of National Science Seminar organised by the NCSM the State level seminars are organised by Goa Science Centre in collaboration with State Institute of Education every year. Participants speak for 6 minutes on a given topic and answer questions. Slides/posters/charts are permitted as aids for the lecture. One student is selected to represent Goa State in the National Seminar.

Science Demonstration Lecture
Exciting live & fun-filled demonstrations on different topics of Physics, chemistry and life science. Lectures are arranged for groups or student in groups on request.

Science Quiz Contest
To test knowledge of students from different schools & other associations on scientific topics, a science quiz contest is held every year.

Vacation Creative Science Workshop
Creative Science Workshops give an opportunity for students to develop their technical skills and consolidate their knowledge through experimentation. 10-day sessions held during summer/diwali vacations in the disciplines of Science, Electronics, Aero-modelling, Computers etc. for students. Experiments, Projects and Toy making generally not found in school curriculum are formulated for the students to carry out.

Science Drama Contest
Science Drama is a strong media for science communication and eradication of superstitions which have prevailed in our society for long. The NCSM organises a National Science Drama Contest for the School Students. The programme has aroused excitement and a great interest among the students. Goa Science Centre organises the State level Contest for selecting the School from Goa to participate in the National Level.

Science Film Festival
A one month extravaganza to view films of one's choice on Science & Technology. Normally two science film festivals are organised for school students and general public in a year, for which circulars are sent to schools and the public are informed through press releases.

National Astronomy Olympiad
As a part of the International Astronomy Olympiad the Indian Association of Physics Teachers and National Council of Science Museums organize the National Astronomy Olympiad in India every year at Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai. Team of students to represent at international level is selected from this Olympiad. Goa Science Centre conducts the tests for Goa Region in December.

Teachers Training Programmes
Ten day training programme for teachers and teacher-to-be, on use of different tools, fabricating simple teaching aids for classroom teaching, handling audio-visual equipment and basic ideas to organise science club etc. is organised every year for a batch of 20 teachers.

Computer Training Programmes
A 10-day long programme specially designed for teachers to enrich their teaching ability with use of computer and multimedia for effective Teaching.

The Centre organizes various activities for common people, some of which are :
  • Sky Observation 6pm to 8pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. (November to May, Weather permitting.
  • Popular Science Lectures.
  • Lectures with Demonstration on popular scientific topics.
  • Computer Awareness/Training Programme for Homemakers, Senior Citizens and General public.
  • Mobile Science Exhibitions for rural areas.

Goa Science Centre organizes various programs for students, teachers and General public in collaboration with various departments and institutions like State Institute of Education, Department of Science and Technology, National Institute of Oceanography etc. Some of the programmes are State level Science Seminar, Workshop for Science teachers, Meet the Scientist, National Astronomy Olympiad, Inter school Science Quiz.

The science centre regularly organize commemorative programmes to celebrate special days viz. World Earth Day, National Technology Day, World environment Day, International Museums Day, Wild Life Week, World Science Day, Anniversary Day, National Science Day etc. to mark the significance of these days in the history of development of science & technology and contribution of these developments in human welfare. Circulars of the programmes are send to the schools time to time.

Goa Science Centre organize Mobile Science Exhibitions to take Science to the doorsteps of rural population and impressing upon them the significance of Science and Technology for betterment of quality of their lives. The exhibits give the visitor/students an opportunity to learn through a process of interaction and discovery. Other programmes such as Live Demonstrations, Science Film Shows etc. are conducted at the sites. The unit travels throughout the year conducting 3 days programme at each site as per a pre-planned schedule.